Most of the pharmaceutical drugs have various types of side effects. Because of the benefit that they provide or simply because there is no alternative drug available to treat that condition, people take the drugs and adjust with side effects. Pharmaceutical drugs are a very recent discovery.

Then what happened when people fell sick in the ancient ages? If no form of medication was available then, the human population would have had been wiped out due to various epidemics. The fact that we survived the ancient ages shows us that there were other forms of medicines which were effective. Maybe their effectiveness was not at the level of a drug which has been created after spending billions of dollars in research. Chinese herbal medicine is one such form of alternative medicine which has been practiced for thousands of years.

In China, herbal medicines are so popular that many hospitals have departments dedicated to this alternative form of medicine. Patients are prescribed herbal medication along with normal medicines. The herbal medicines are made using the roots and leaves of medicinal plants. It does not have the sweet taste of pharmaceutical drugs since no artificial sweetening agents are added. A patient may take some time getting used to the taste of the

But it benefits him in the long run. Many people dispute the effectiveness of herbal medicines. A study on this was done in the Royal Free Hospital in London. Ten herbs were mixed in a specific ratio by a Chinese doctor and this mixture was prescribed to a number of patients suffering from dermatitis. The study was conducted over duration of 5 months and in the end, the patients showed marked improvement in their conditions. View here for professional Chinese doctor in Melbourne.

There are many medications for joint pains, arthritis and back pain. But along with these, many people prefer following an alternative form of medication known as acupuncture. In this type of therapy, a number of stainless steel or copper needles are inserted at specific points in the patient’s body.

The practitioners believe that there is a form of energy, known as Qi, flows through specific channels called meridians in our body. It is due to some disturbance in the flow of this energy that we fall ill. Using the needles, they stimulate specific points located under the skin to restore the smooth flow of Qi in the body. It is one of the oldest forms of medication and it can be traced as far back as the Stone Ages.

An acupuncturist takes several factors into account before starting a therapy. He notes the shape, color, tension, size and different marks present on the tongue. The radial artery is checked to feel the pulse of the patient. The strength of the pulse is felt at different places of the body to diagnose the problems the patient is suffering from. Many studies have been conducted to note the effectiveness of this alternative form of treatment. Learn more about best ivf acupuncture services in Melbourne.

It has been noticed that acupuncture is effective in providing relief to patients suffering from lower back pain. It has also been used to treat nausea and to stop people from vomiting after chemotherapy. People suffering from migraine, infertility and arthritis have also been benefited by visiting an acupuncturist. These alternative forms of medicine are slowly regaining their lost sheen all over the world.

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