Obstetricsis, the specialty, deal with the women’s reproductive tracts during childbirth, pregnancy and the postnatal period. Many gynecologistsare also obstetricians. It simply leads to the conclusion that they have knowledge of both the things. In ancient days, pregnant women were taken care and were confined exclusively to women and excluded men. By the end of the 18thcentury, medical communities started understanding the uterus’s anatomy as well as the physiological changes taking place during labor. All these studies leaded to the introduction of men which were forbidden till that point of time. It was expected that that obstetrician would continue to grow but a stage of stagnation entered in the community of Obstetrics in 19th Century. Visit here for best obstetrician in North Sydney.

During labor the obstetrician is called on to perform number of tasks which includes monitoring the progress of labor, vaginal examination assessing the reports produced by a fetal monitoring device etc. They may even require accelerating the progress by infusion of the hormone in the labor progress. Obstetrician helps in providing pain relief too. In case of an associated risk with vaginal delivery Caesarean section is selected to perform by the obstetrician who is arranged during labor to avoid waiting for the number of hours remaining. After any Caesarean, mothers are often monitored for at least two to here days more than normal for any case of baby care and bleeding.health

Imaging is one of the most common and interesting part of monitoring any of the pregnancies. This concludes many things. Prediction of any problem with the mother, confirmation of a pregnancy which stays inside the uterus, estimate the age, number of fetuses etc. can be concluded easily. The method of artificially stimulating labor in any woman is known as Induction.

A consultant specialty, Gynecology is very common in most of the countries. In most of the countries, women need to get the prescription of their family doctor before visiting any gynaecologist. It totally depends on the patient as If their condition requires knowledge, training, equipment unavailable or surgical procedure to the general practitioner then in that case patient is referred to gynaecologist. Gynecological examination is an intimate examination. It is more than the routine physical exam.  It requires instrumentation like speculum.

This is an instrument consisting of two hinged blades of metal which helps retracting the tissues of vagina& allowing examination of the cervix. An abdominal ultrasound is used to confirm the abnormalities when studying the patient’s history. Along with the surgical specialties, gynaecologists also employ medical therapies. However it simply depends on the nature of the problem faced by the patient. There are many complications and emergencies which can only be treated with the help of gynaecologists. 

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