We all strive for a beautiful body and love to look as good as possible. With the modern advances in beauty you can now even go for treatments in your lunch hour! Lip fillersin Sydney are a very popular treatment which so many women are going for now in order to get the perfect Angelina pout.

Lip fillers plump the lips during an out-patient procedure which is performed under a local anaesthetic. This can be performed by a plastic surgeon or other trained healthcare specialist. It is important that you research the individual who is performing your procedure as your health and your looks are so very important and should not be tampered with by someone with no proper training.

Minute incisions are made around for this lip fillers in Sydney is injected by experts. As these fillers are broken down over time by an individual’s body, the results are temporary and if one is pleased with the procedure it will need to be undertaken every three to six months after the initial treatment.

Bovine vs. Human derived

The collagen which is used in lip fillers is usually either extracted from bovine or human-derived sources. The use of human derived collagen will not require an allergy test.However, if one is opting for a bovine derived filler it is important that an allergy test is conducted a month before the actual procedure and application of botox in Sydney .

Fat Transfer

Another popular option for lip fillers is the surgeon harvesting your own fat from the body though the process of liposuction and then injecting this into the lips. This is often the method of choice for individuals who worry about allergic reactions or that their body may reject the fillers. You will not be allergic to your own genetic material so this is a safer option.

The fat which is extracted from the belly or hips gives a more natural look then the synthetic fillers and many people prefer this aesthetic. Also, this type of filler can last for over six months.

Hyaluronic Acid

Derived from the bacteria Streptococcus zooepidemicus, lip fillers made from hyaluronic acid are another very popular treatment option.The substance is grown in a lab in order to simulate humans natural hyaluronic acid produced in the skin and joints. This is then turned into gel filler which is biodegradable and which binds together with the molecules of water in an individual’s lips once it is injected. This treatment gives instant result and lasts longer than its collagen counterparts.

Lip fillers, eye lifts and lip enhancement procedures are on the whole considered to be very safe and complications are rare. Ensure however as with all medical procedures than you go to someone who is qualified in the procedure and who has a very good reputation. There is no sense in skimping and cutting corners to save money when one is looking for cosmetic enhancements as this is something which needs to be done properly and carefully.Ensure that you talk the whole procedure through with your care provider beforehand and that they answer any questions you may have.

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