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People cannot be isolated for too long. If they do, the obvious end would be extinction and desolation. In some way or the other we need to interact, share and communicate etc, as long as we are mortals. People groups of myriad forms have evolved throughout history for this reason. Although there are non-gregarious species in the animal kingdom, they somewhat interact in the cycle of existence. For humans, this becomes the basis for culture, religion and industry structured on accepted viable principles that are virtuous implying ‘goodness to all around’. These principles that govern concerns and interests are cyclic: that is to say, at a given period one particular cause will supersede over others as per the need of the hour as it were. For instance, a few years ago the emphasis of the global concern was the eco-friendliness termed shortly as the ‘green’ movement. Immediately after, the shift was for climate change and carbon emission controls.

Beginning with one or more specific interests people gather, structure themselves and endeavour on a vision or objective guided and guarded by strong consensus on values. They consolidate this foundation time again when challenged or facing issues that seem to distort the motives. Believers in Christ and His teachings likewise have formed Christian community churches in most countries in this manner. Their basic doctrines are founded on the written ‘Word of God’ what is found in the Holy Bible. The Bible is actually a recorded history of the faithful which spans about 4000 years but only that which is pertinent to the adherents faith in God and the Salvation plan are recorded. The life, ministry, sacrifice and resurrection of Jesus form the capstone of faith particularly whereas everything else and everyone else in the Bible are like the pieces of the Big Picture.

In following what the Holy Book says, Christian community churches go beyond the basic tenets to extend the meaningful application thereof. Jesus put in terse words thus: “love God and love others as yourself”. This is what most congregations’ accent on and strives to help the world around through various forms of services apart from assembling regularly in the sanctuaries. Social concern has become a priority in many such groups. Get more information on how a church can sustain, see this page For viable and sustainable projects as such enormous amount of funds are needed and the members do contribute generously as long as they perceive these activities are in accordance with what God has commanded in the Bible.

While participating, an individual believer does find spiritual gratification that reinforces his/ her religious commitment being assured of God’s favour in this world and the world to come, the eternal heavenly life. Motivation thus is very strong, stronger than any other group activities in the world. Many institutions such as the schools, hospitals, orphanages and numerous charity organisations were initiated by these movements mostly pioneered by missionaries from all over. Today, these initiatives have taken gigantic proportions and millions and millions are benefitted immensely, irrespective of creed, colour and race.

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